Zouying City Wall and Military Dependent’s Villages

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Zouying city wall (the old name is Fengshan) was originally built in 1721 to defend the city from riots and rebellions. However, the city wall was breached and the city was destroyed during an uprising incident. The wall was later rebuilt in 1826 and the city became the first city in Taiwan to be fortified with a stone wall and moat. You can view the wall at the North, East, and South locations.

Zouying Military Dependent’s Villages

During the Japanese occupation, the Navy began a project to build Zouying’s military harbor. The project included the command office, residential area, factory, logistics and a hospital. A dormitory designated for both married and single naval officers were also built around the harbor, and it was the beginning of the Zouying Naval Dependent Villages.

In 1949, hundreds of thousands of defeated Kuomintang naval soldiers fled to Taiwan, some with their families. Under the Government’s arrangement, they settled down around the Zouying Military District. Some of them lived in the dormitories abandoned by Japanese. Others, later lived in the dormitories, over twenty of which were built by the Navy. They grew into a cluster and formed a unique landscape in Zouying.

However, except for the previous Japanese dormitories, the houses in these villages were often poorly constructed. They had been built hastily with limited funding. Hence, the residents had no ownership rights on the houses and land they lived in, because the land was government’s property.

In the 1990s, as Taiwan’s economic condition significantly improved, the government began an aggressive program of demolishing most of these villages and replacing them with modern buildings. The residents were given discounted price to buy a property of their own so they can live decently in their own new apartments. Today, some of the remaining Military Dependent’s Villages have been turned into historic sites or museums.

The below is one of the old pictures that are displayed in the Center of Old FengShan City History.

Military Village

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