Is there an MRT station near the Lotus Pond?

Posted by Lucia

Unfortunately, no!

Most backpackers take the bus. Red Line bus #35A and #35B, #301A and #301B will take you right to the Lotus Pond, near the Dragon Tiger Pagodas and the Welcome Center(it’s now 7-11). Get off at “Lotus Pond(Shengli Rd)” bus stop. Pay attention to the voiceover or on-board screen to know your stop, or when you see a lake with pagodas and pavilions, that means you’re almost there and prepare to get off the bus.

Red line bus #35 passes the MRT Ecological District Station and the High-Speed Rail Zouying station. #301 reaches the MRT Kaosiung Arena Station and Kaohsiung Train Station.

Bus fare is at NT$12 (approximately US$0.50). You can also pay the bus fare by top-up card which is more convenient. The most popular top-up card – Taipei EasyCard not only can be used in Taipei public transit but in Kaohsiung’s as well. You can purchase and top up your EasyCard in every convenience store and MRT station. There’s no deposit for purchasing EasyCard and it’s good for MRT, buses, standard train service, public bicycle rentals, storage service in MRT as well as train station. You can also use EasyCard to pay for drink and snack in convenience store. Of course, the IPass card issued by Kaohsiung City government can do all these as well.

Visit the websites Kaohsiung City Real-Time Bus Arrival Information System and Kaohsiung Metro for more details.

By the way, the nearest MRT station to the Lotus Pond is the MRT Ecological District Station. Use Exit 2. From there, you can take the Red line bus #35 to the Lotus Pond.

You can also walk to the Lotus Pond or rent a public bike from the MRT Ecological District Station. Take Mengzi Road which has less traffic, then turn left at Zhengde Road, finally turn right at Chongde Rd. and you will spot the Lotus Pond on your right-hand side.

Train is another option to get to the Lotus Pond. Get off at the Zouying station which is located at Cuihua Road. Turn right from the exit and it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the lotus pond. You will pass the American School along the way. Click this following link Taiwan Railway for train schedule.

There are some rules of thumb when taking bus in Taiwan. Wave when you see the bus approaching. Remember to ring the bell when about to get off the bus. You don’t want to mess up with the bus driver. Don’t forget to put your Easycard on top of sensor machine when you get on AND get off the bus. Now you are all set.

Lotus Pond Bus Stop

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